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What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique or QHHT was created and refined by Dolores Cannon over her 45-year career as a regressive hypnotherapist. She worked with thousands of clients in countries all over the world and was able to perfect this technique. Most people have heard of the term “past life regression” but QHHT is much more than that. With the expansion of human consciousness, some people also experience future lives, parallel lives, lives on other planets or even lives in other dimensions.


QHHT focuses on the concept that the client will go to “the most appropriate time and place” to address relevant healing or information requested. Clients are also able to access their Higher-Selves (which Dolores Cannon called the 'Subconscious' or 'SC') who knows everything about you! It knows your past, all of your past and future lives, your life's purpose and lessons and is ideally positioned to assist you with your current life health issues and challenges.


QHHT sessions can be used to address physical, emotional and relational and lingering issues and you can also get answers as to why these issues began.

Benefits of QHHT

Quantum Healing for the Mind, Body and Spirit 

Shift Your Mindset

By integrating the conscious and the subconscious, you may begin to recognise unconscious thought patterns, cease detrimental patterns or habits, and may feel a shift in the way you respond to past trauma.

Instantaneous Relief or Healing

Where appropriate, clients who receive QHHT can feel instantaneous healing from physical ailments such as asthma, pain and even tumours! You may also learn the root cause of these ailments. Anything is possible. Healing is lasting and subsequent sessions are not necessary.

Gain Clarity

Through the Past Life Regression and Communicating with the SC, you will gain answers to questions that may have been plaguing you for a long time. This can cover a large range of questions! You may also gain understanding of what your life purpose is and what soul contracts you've entered.

The QHHT Flow

Connection Call

I’ve provided a lot of information here, but if you still have more questions, then we can schedule a time to chat over Zoom, so you can learn more and find out if QHHT is right for you.

I want you to feel fully comfortable and ready before you make your decision. If you do decide to go for a full session, the paid consultation fee will go towards your QHHT session.

QHHT Session

After you've confirmed your QHHT session, you will receive an email on what to do to prepare for your session. The session itself will take 4 to 5 hours, sometimes even more. Please try to avoid scheduling any other appointments after our session!


Healing transformations are gentle and will continue for 3 nights following the session with ongoing improvements. A recording of the hypnosis will also be sent to you and it is recommended that you listen to it repeatedly in the days and even weeks after your session. Any healing or life improvement suggestions can and will be reinforced by listening repeatedly to the audio. Remember that it is up to you to make the changes suggested in your session. Your healing is in your hands.

What Clients are Saying

Highly recommend Jeanette if you’re looking for a QHHT session. My QHHT session with Jeanette, was absolutely amazing, with many surprises. I had so many revelations, about myself that I didn’t know. I feel so relieved that I know what to work on now. 

Jeanette’s way of creating a safe space, with a lot of compassion and patience, with no judgements, helped me to open up and express myself with ease. I could completely trust her and her guidance in my first session. She has this natural gift of connecting with the client and genuinely wants to, and does everything she can to help. I’m very truly grateful for this session.

Her voice is calm, soothing and comforting which takes us deeper into our Subconscious to receive our own answers! I have had a few sessions before with other therapists, but Jeanette has been the best that I have come across so far. I’ve had some health issues from many years and I was so surprised with the answers I got for the underlying cause. When I thought about it a little more, it absolutely made so much sense! Thank you so much once again Jeanette, for being so supportive and accompanying me so well in this journey!!

S. (Singapore)

 “You can create anything. Nothing is impossible. You can change your life. You can have anything in your life at all.”

Dolores Cannon (1931-2014)

Dolores Cannon.jpeg
QHHT Terms & Conditions

Please read


Jeanette Mok is neither a trained psychiatrist nor a medical doctor.  The client who requests and agrees to be hypnotised acknowledges that hypnosis is a potentially powerful mental and physical regulating tool.  The client understands that personal results will vary and there are no expressed or implied guarantees or warranties of results.  It is understood that QHHT® is a self-healing modality, facilitated by a trained practitioner, and requires clients to be open to hypnosis and from time-to-time, people are resistant to it.

Hypnosis is not intended to cure any specific condition. Jeanette makes absolutely no claims of a cure for any disease. Individual results may and will vary. Each session is unique and its success depends on the Client’s full cooperation and faith in the entire process.


The Client is fully informed of the nature and the usefulness of QHHT®.  Further, the client is aware that QHHT® is spiritually-based in nature and any information that comes through is coming from their soul (also known as "Higher Self," "Subconscious," "Oversoul," "Higher Conscious," "Christ Consciousness," etc.)  If the client receives information from their Soul regarding any lifestyle changes or changes in their health protocols, the client takes full responsibility and will take it upon themselves to consult their healthcare provider if the Client deems necessary after their QHHT® session.

Waiver of Liability

The client voluntarily agrees to be a subject of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) session, which involves hypnosis, spiritual coaching and counselling, and past life regression. Except in the case of gross negligence or malpractice, the Client agrees to fully release and hold harmless, Jeanette Mok, from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with the session. 

Methods used by Jeanette

Jeanette Mok employs hypnosis, her training in counselling, and coaching techniques to facilitate the client's desire for self-improvement.  Specific techniques may include body relaxation, guided meditation, psychoeducation, past life regression and sound therapy. 

Session Recordings

All QHHT® and services are recorded at no additional charge.  Jeanette Mok does not guarantee the recording will be 100% audible, fully intact, or usable though she will try her best to make sure you have a recording of your session. Jeanette Mok will not be responsible, nor issue a refund, for non-recording, defective or damaged recordings.  Further, the client gives permission to use some of the session material anonymously in print or discussion. Jeanette guarantees if she uses the information in print or discussion it will not be used in conjunction with the clients name or personal information without further written permission from the client.

Session Fees

The client pays for their sessions at the time the appointment is made. Appointments are made in blocks of time and the client agrees that they are paying for the time block of the session. Depending on the needs of the client, session times may end earlier than the purchased block of time or the session may end up to 30 minutes after the block of time purchased.  In any event, the fees will not be adjusted and remain as is. Given there are no guarantees or expressed warranties for results and that all results vary to great degrees, fees are not subject to refunds with the exception of either party cancelling the appointment up to 72 hours in advance. 

Client's Agreement and Responsibilities

1. I am willing to be guided through relaxation, visual imagery, hypnosis, and meditation techniques. I am aware that these modalities are spiritual-based and non-medical in nature and it is my responsibility to consult my regular doctor about any changes in my condition or my medication. 

2. I understand the above modalities are not substitutes for regular medical care and I have been advised to consult my regular medical doctor or health-care practitioner for treatment of any old, new or existing medical conditions.

3. I understand that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Being hypnotised does not equal being asleep. During a deep hypnotic trance, you can open your eyes, speak, laugh, walk and you may be aware of everything that happens around you. You can even open your eyes and think it is not working and are not hypnotised. However, when you allow the feelings or thoughts that come to your mind to flow freely as Jeanette speaks to you, you will relax and remember forgotten events in this life or a past life.

4. I understand that change is my own and complete responsibility. I understand all healing is self-healing and that Jeanette is only a facilitator in the process of helping me to solve my own problem(s). It is my responsibility to be open and honest, provide accurate feedback and be forthcoming with details and information that may help me achieve my outcomes. I understand that transformation is a process and may take time

5. I understand that our session will be digitally recorded for my later use. I also understand that with these types of metaphysical sessions, the energy in the room can affect the equipment and recording resulting in static or blank recordings.

6. I understand that often in hypnosis sessions, universal information is provided through the client to benefit all of humanity and mankind. I agree to allow Jeanette to share this information and any accompanying story either on audio recording or in written form in blogs or books as long as my first and/or last name and all personal and relevant details are omitted and/or changed. (you will choose how you wish the recording to be presented).

My Promise

I, Jeanette Mok, was trained as a QHHT® Practitioner as taught by Dolores Cannon. I am also a trained Counsellor and certified Coach. I do regular continuing education to maintain and further develop my training at the high level. I commit to you that I will utilise all my skills and experience to assist you on your journey of healing, service, forgiveness, compassion and love. You have my assurance of my full integrity, professionalism, confidentiality and respect.

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