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to New Dimensions of Discovery and Clarity

Allow yourself to heal by opening the window of your mind and transform your life. Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery, understanding, transformation and healing?



Hi! I'm Jeanette

I used to be someone whom you might call a skeptic. I needed scientific proof that things worked. I turned away from people who suggested alternative medicine. I was only listening to my analytical mind and not my heart.

What I’ve learned on my journey is that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and the opportunity to change. I’m so passionate about what I do because I have had first hand experience that it works!

I'm dedicated to helping my clients connect with themselves and get to the root of their issues so that they can gain clarity, healing and growth. I help my clients find understanding about their current lives, their struggles and the lessons that they need to learn so that they can move forward in life with more acceptance, confidence and ease. 

I would love to introduce you and facilitate your healing journey using counselling, QHHT, Sound healing and the ancient art of Qigong. 

How we can work together

I offer a variety of services that will nurture your spirit, help you overcome personal challenges, and allow you to undergo personal transformation. I cater to each of my client’s personal needs in order to unlock their full potential. Contact me to start your journey today.

What Clients are Saying

Highly recommend Jeanette if you’re looking for a QHHT session. My QHHT session with Jeanette, was absolutely amazing, with many surprises. I had so many revelations, about myself that I didn’t know. I feel so relieved that I know what to work on now. 

Jeanette’s way of creating a safe space, with a lot of compassion and patience, with no judgements, helped me to open up and express myself with ease. I could completely trust her and her guidance in my first session. She has this natural gift of connecting with the client and genuinely wants to, and does everything she can to help. I’m very truly grateful for this session.

Her voice is calm, soothing and comforting which takes us deeper into our Subconscious to receive our own answers! I have had a few sessions before with other therapists, but Jeanette has been the best that I have come across so far. I’ve had some health issues from many years and I was so surprised with the answers I got for the underlying cause. When I thought about it a little more, it absolutely made so much sense! Thank you so much once again Jeanette, for being so supportive and accompanying me so well in this journey!!

S. (Singapore)

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Wouldn't it be great if you can...
  • Access the part of yourself that is all knowing and loves you, to receive answers that are necessary for your current life journey and lessons? 

  • Give yourself some space to explore your inner world, your trauma and your triggers so that you can decide whether or not you want to keep them in your life?

  • Understand how we all have baggage that we bring into relationships and learn how to unpack that with each other with safety, understanding and acceptance?

  • Learn to love yourself with grace and compassion? 

  • Be able to give your relationship a strong foundation to build upon? 

  • Learn skills and techniques to better communicate and build trust in a relationship? 

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QHHT Hypno Healing

QHHT® is a technique developed by Dolores Cannon that bypasses the chatter of your conscious mind to focus on obtaining information from your Higher Self. This type of past life regression offers profound information on your past and future selves to help you align and discover your soul's purpose.

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“People don’t realize we make ourselves sick. We cause our own problems. Nobody does it to us, we do it to ourselves. And I try to make people realize that so they can release these things and let them go. And they can heal themselves this way.”

Dolores Cannon

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